Membership Levels – 2016-17 Season

• Half Membership

14 distributions. Pick-up one share every other week (“A” weeks or “B” weeks — based upon your sign up).

• Full Membership

26 distributions. Pick-up one share every week.


geraldson-community-farm-spider-web Discounted Share cost for early sign up:  April 1 – September 30

 Half Share (14 distributions) $425
Full Share (26 distributions) $800

 Season Share cost:   October 1 – November 15

 Half Share (14 distributions) $475 / $32.14/week (14 week season must be paid in full)
Full Share (26 distributions) $875 / $33.65/week (26 week season must be paid in full)

Delivery Information

A one-time surcharge is applicable to memberships that pickup at a location outside of the farm. This surcharge helps us cover the labor costs for packing boxes, purchasing boxes, and fuel for the transport.  $26 full share, $14 half share.

Cancellation Policy

We do not offer refunds for share purchases.

Processing Fee

Because of the rising costs of payment processing, we are issuing a one-time payment processing fee on all orders.  $24 full share, $12 half share.  This amount will automatically appear in the payment form below.

Installment payments

We offer payment plans for CSA memberships. Your membership total will then be divided into four payments. Your first payment is due at the time you sign up to reserve your membership. All following payments are due on the 15th of each month until your balance is paid off.

Payment plans are not offered after November 1, 2016.  Payment plan memberships MUST be paid in full prior to this date.

All payments are non-refundable and payments must be up to date to pick-up CSA shares.

*1st Monthly payment due upon sign up.  Remaining payments due on 15th of each month starting in May.

**Late Fees: An initial $15 late fee will be assessed for each invoice reaching 15 days late, with an additional $15 charge for each subsequent 30 day period a payment remains late, but not to exceed 18% of total unpaid late payments.